2018-19 Fort Myers Beach Chamber Visitor's Guide

When living on the beach, sandy strolls are a part of everyday life. I often walk the sandy shoreline with my cell phone camera. I impress myself with the content and quality of the awesome snapshots I collect. Of course, it’s so easy to find inspiring scenes on the white sands of our beach town.

When I came across the Fort Myers Beach Chamber of Commerce request for photos to use in their Visitor’s Guide, I sent them several of my favorites. I received a thank you email for the submissions, but never heard more. I didn’t know if any of my photos would be included in the Guide.

When the 2018-19 publication was released, I zipped through the Guide looking for any familiar picture. Many looked like they could be mine. It seems there are others who like to take pictures of the same subjects as me. Surprise, surprise! I found one of my photos! And I was certain it was mine because I was given credit.

I was honored to find my photo received premium placement — the top half of a right-hand page in the Guide. I wasn’t so thrilled to see the informational tidbit overlaying my photo was about annoying Love Bugs.

Click through to page 31 of the 2018-19 Fort Myers Beach Visitor’s Guide to see my photo! You should also review all the pages of the Guide to learn about all the fun things to do and see in our area. There’s plenty to keep you busy other than hanging out on the beach when staying at Beach Delight.

Be sure to check out other resources of things to do and see when staying at Beach Delight vacation rental.

Couple at Sunset on Fort Myers Beach, Florida
Couple at Sunset on Fort Myers Beach, Florida

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