Betty Boop

Our Saturday bike ride through Sanibel and Captiva led to a stop at Captiva’s Boops by The Bubble Room Ice Cream Parlor and Cafe. You can find them here on Facebook. The Bubble Room, a long-time Captiva favorite known for their outstanding homemade cakes, was taken out of commission by September 2022’s Hurricane Ian. But they are coming back — hopefully, fall 2024.

I have to share the Boops by The Bubble Room experience with you. That’s where you’ll find The Bubble Room famous cakes for now. Our eyes were wide with excitement staring through the confectionary display. Andy let me pick and was surprised I didn’t go for one of the cakes with chocolate. I felt in a “lighter” mood, so I chose the Tropical Breeze. Pineapple cream cheese frosting is what caught my eye! One slice is around $10 including tax. One slice was more than enough for the two of us. We could easily have shared with a third person.

The shoppe has such a fun atmosphere. There’s plenty to look at all around you while you enjoy your baked treat or ice cream.

We didn’t feel guilty enjoying our shared slice of cake. After all, our roundtrip bike ride was 22 miles long. We earned it. Should you want to drive all the way to Boops by The Bubble Room, I noticed that they did have a parking lot across the street. There really isn’t a lot of parking in all of Captiva. Electric bikes are always a good option.

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