Dolphins in Fort Myers Beach

Are Those Dolphins?

Last night on our beach stroll to dinner, we came across lots of dolphins who were obviously feeding. There was lots of movement in the water. I’m not sure if the fish jumping out of the water were doing so to escape the dolphins or it was just a spirited dance. Unfortunately, I didn’t have my camera ready and missed capturing any of it. With the sun setting, it was probably too dark to get good photos or videos anyway.

I thought it interesting that the dolphins were dining just as we were planning to do the same. It’s like we’re on the same schedule!

Dolphins Near Shore the Next Morning Too!

This morning, soon after we started our constitutional heading south on the beach, I heard a single seagull squawking up a storm. I’ll have to pay closer attention with a scientific eye in the future. I’m wondering if he wasn’t calling his friends over for a feast. The dolphins were in the area again and there was a fair amount of water movement. No fish jumping out of the water this morning though.

I did manage to capture a video from shore. There’s no zooming so you really get a feel how close the dolphin is to the beach. I have this video and others from our Fort Myers Beach location on our Beach Delight YouTube channel.

One of these days, I’m going to try walking right up to a dolphin! Perhaps you might try the same when you’re staying at our Beach Delight vacation rental home in Fort Myers Beach, Florida. Learn more about our vacation rental on our Beach Delight Web site.

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