Eclectic Mailboxes in Fort Myers Beach

When bicycling through the side streets in Fort Myers Beach, you’ll notice how some property owners share their mildly or super eclectic tastes. We’ve seen marvelously manicured gardens to shoes used as planters hanging from trees!

An easy way for any homeowner to add a little pizzazz to their home is with a gussied up mailbox. Andy and I decided to tour Fort Myers Beach on bicycle to see how creative our neighbors are. Our two bicycle routes this past week took us to nearby streets on Estero Island and to off-island neighborhoods.

Estero Island Tour – 12.55 miles

Mailbox Bicycle Tour On Estero Island
Mailbox Bicycle Tour On Estero Island

Alligator Mailboxes

Off-Island Tour – 13+ miles

Mailbox Bicycle Tour Off-Island
Mailbox Bicycle Tour Off-Island

I started our off-island tracking from Doc Ford’s Rum Bar and Grille where we had lunch. I’m guessing our total bike tour was really about 15 miles when you add the initial distance between our Beach Delight vacation rental and Doc Ford’s.

Our fabulous lunch at Doc Ford’s was our reward for this particular trip. We pedaled up Matanzas Pass bridge twice for this ride! I had to stop at the top of the bridge to finish off my water bottle. It was a good reason to stop and enjoy the view too.

Eclectic Mailboxes By Theme






Other Sea Life

And More…

Getting Mailbox Ideas

On our bike tours, we did see lots of traditional mailboxes that were dressed with mailbox covers. But they really don’t have the same appeal as those I’ve shown in this post. We’ll keep looking and thinking about how we can dress up our mailboxes to evoke a fun-at-the-beach feeling roadside at our Beach Delight! Share your favorite eclectic mailboxes with us!

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    • Hi Linda,
      I’m not aware where these mailboxes were purchased. I just collected photos of the various mailboxes as I rode my bike around Fort Myers Beach.

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