Avoid Fees and Book Direct

For your quick reference, here’s a list of fee-free vacation rental listing sites. Property owners want to be found. Many will list their properties on the big named, fee-based sites as well as these other lesser known sites. Remember that your credit card offers you protection. So save the fees and book direct!

Below are listing sites that do not charge fees to the renter. Many are state, country or region-specific. Houfy is world-wide and VHRnetwork is a network of many regional sites. Both offer maps so you can click in the area of the world you’d like to explore.

Aggregator of Listing Sites

You’ll want to check out StayInVH.com to find a multitude of listing sites where you can communicate directly with the property owner or manager and avoid fees from the listing site when making your reservation. This aggregator listing site was created by a non-profit specifically to consolidate all the listing sites that don’t become the middleman between you and your host. All of the sites listed below should also be linked from StayInVH.com.

Wide-Spanning Listing Sites

Houfy - Find your Vacation Rental Fee Free
Houfy – Find your Vacation Rental Fee Free

Houfy.com and correlating property map view, https://www.maps.houfy.com/ – World-wide

vhrnetwork.com - Network of vacation rental listing sites
vhrnetwork.com – Network of vacation rental listing sites

vhrnetwork.com – Links to independent regional sites. Click on State/region to go directly to the site.

Regional and Property Type Sites

World Map of Places To Go
World Map of Places To Go

Other Places to Look

Google Maps – Zoom in on the area you’re interested. More businesses appear the more you zoom.

Facebook Pages/Groups – You’ll find independent property pages as well as groups that allow you to post what you’re looking for or show properties available for rent.

Browser Searches – Click past pages 1 and 2, where all the paid listings show up.

More Advice

Research Your Choices

Please remember that you should research the property and the owner regardless of where you find them. Call the owner to speak to them. Ask questions about the area. Look for the property advertised elsewhere to make sure that the contact info is the same.

Travel Insurance

Remember that many home owners have cancellation policies where you could forfeit any payments made. They are running a business and the opportunity to re-rent your reservation dates may not be feasible. If there’s a chance that you will need to cancel your reservation, it’s up to you to have the travel insurance to reimburse your payments. Again, research on the Internet to look for the coverage that meets your needs.

Have Fun on Your Vacation

Use the money you saved by booking direct on fun on your vacation!

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