Found this YouTube video made the day before Hurricane Irma hit Fort Myers Beach, FL on September 9, 2017. You may want to turn down your volume. The drone hum is extremely annoying!

Timeline Notes

The footage starts on the north end of Fort Myers Beach. Here are some time frames from the video and what you’ll see at that time.

3:40 – Fort Myers Pier on the right and the Mantanzas Pass Bridge on the left.

3:58 – Overview perspective of Times Square

4:15 – Crescent Beach Park on the right.

5:14 – The Cottage – restaurant, nightly music and dancing

5:20 – Lani Kai – Restaurants and bars

6:10 – The Goodz – Hardware store and ice cream parlor on the left with yellow awning.

6:16 – Intersection with Miramar Street

6:24 – Intersection with Ohio Avenue

6:37 – Intersection with Virginia Avenue

7:00 – Intersection with Delmar Avenue

7:07 – Intersection with Fairweather Lane

7:16 – Island Cycles Bike Shop

7:18 – Intersection with Mango Street

7:28 – Mom’s Restaurant and Chapel Street

7:43 – Fort Myers Beach Town Hall on left

7:48 – Topps Supermarket on left

8:02 – Fort Myers Beach Public Pool on left; Bay Oaks Recreation Center

8:27 – Intersection with School Street; Fort Myers Beach Public Library on left

14:01 – Publix Supermarket on left

There are a lot more places than I’ve listed here. And I definitely did not list points of interest all the way up and down the island.  There are too many. This list just shows some of the places you may visit when staying at Beach Delight vacation rental home.

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