Welcome to our Beach Delight

For emergencies, dial 9-1-1 and provide this property address:

Beach Delight
2436 Cottage Ave
Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931

Property Owners:

Susan & Andy Bonfigli
2434 Cottage Ave
Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931

Contact Us by Phone or Text:

Susan’s Cell: 802-598-2871

Business: 802-395-1155

Check-in and Check-out Times


Table of Contents

House Rules

  1. Absolutely NO SMOKING in the house or anywhere on the property. Please be sure visitors are aware.
  2. Absolutely NO PETS. Please be sure visitors are aware.
  3. NO EVENTS. Maximum occupancy and day-time visitors: 2 people. If you would like to have guests, you must get permission from Andy and Susan well in advance. This is to discourage using our home as a beach base for larger groups and to be aware of trespassers as can happen on beachfront property.
  4. Be considerate with night time noise. Fort Myers Beach has a quiet hours ordinance from 10pm – 7am.
  5. Please use the toilet for its intended purpose. Nothing down the drain that doesn’t belong. Grease/oil go in the trash. Glass jars under the sink can be used to hold the grease during your stay and then go in the trash on check-out day.
  6. There is a garbage disposal in the smaller kitchen sink. The switch is labeled. Please be sure that nothing but food scraps are in the disposal. Always run cold water into the disposal when the disposal is running. Food scraps should be smaller and easily shredded by the disposal. No coffee grounds, banana peels, bones, produce stickers, bulk leaf lettuce and other fibrous foods.
  7. Please do not move bedroom furniture. Any other furniture that is moved should be put back where it originally was by check-out.
  8. No illegal activities. Keep in mind that downloading movies from the Internet could be unlawful too. Our Internet service provider monitors this type of activity and they will threaten to cut our service if this happens!
  9. Please close sun umbrellas when unattended and overnight. Unexpected winds occur often and can cause damage.
  10. If heat or A/C are on, then windows and exterior doors must be shut.
  11. A/C should not be set any lower than 68 degrees. Doing so can result in A/C problems for which you’d be responsible for paying the cost of repair.
  12. Heat should not be set any higher than 72 degrees.
  13. Our rental guests (2 people) are welcome to use our pool. Please shower off before using the pool.
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Arrival Instructions

Driving onto the north end of Fort Myers Beach

Use your GPS to find your way to Fort Myers Beach. Here are some helpful notes.

You’ll probably get on Gladiolus Drive in Fort Myers. Be aware that you will be exiting left onto an overpass taking you onto Summerlin Road. When on Gladiolus, move to the center or left lane so you won’t miss the overpass left exit.

Gladiolus Drive to Summerlin Road
Gladiolus Drive to Summerlin Road

When you cross onto San Carlos Island on San Carlos Blvd, you will come to a street light that alternates green by lane. This is a way to maintain orderliness as the lanes reduce from two to one when approaching the sky bridge to our island. Those familiar with the light may try to dart in front of you as you near the light and they notice you’re in the “green lane”.

Alternating Traffic Lights Entering San Carlos Island
Alternating Traffic Lights Entering San Carlos Island

Cross Matanzas Bridge to Estero Island (the right lane over the bridge is reserved for the bus trolley) and follow Estero Blvd south (bear left) of Times Square for about 3/4 mile.

Turn right onto Mango St.

Turn left onto Cottage Ave. Beach Delight is the second house on your right. You can’t miss the lime green façade.

Parking at Beach Delight

Park as far right as possible in the drive by the house, ensuring the garage door is not blocked. Your car will be between the house and the utility pole by the road.

Access to Beach Delight

You’ll be entering through the lattice door to the right of the garage door and walk under the house to the seaside. The code to open the lattice door is the last 4 digits of the phone number you provided. Go through that door (close behind you and it will lock automatically in a few seconds), across the garage and through the seaside lattice door (don’t lock this door). If we’ve arranged with you to have the unit unlocked, go up the left staircase to your unit. If not, go up the right stairs to Andy and Susan’s unit where you’ll pick up the key. Note: The seaside door to the garage isn’t locked. However, please ensure you close it.

Where to park at Beach Delight
Beach Delight Parking
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Accessing Your Unit

Use the provided key to lock and unlock the sliding door to your unit. There’s a key rack on the wall just inside the door to store your keys while staying at Beach Delight. When exiting to the sand from under the house, you will need to unlock the security door. Please lock the deadbolt on this door at the end of your day on the beach.

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Check-out instructions

  1. Please collect all used linens and towels and place in the laundry baskets.
  2. Trash and recycle in the house should be collected and moved to the outside cans. We keep cans in the garage close to the stairs for easy access. Please be sure recycled items are clean. We don’t use liners for the outdoor recycling cans. Trash bags and other plastic bags are NOT recyclable.
  3. You can start a load of dishes in the dishwasher before you leave. I’ll empty it before the next guests arrive.
  4. Per our rental agreement, the house should be in the state as when you arrived.
  5. Please leave the 2 keys on the key rack or return to Andy and Susan.

We would love to read about your stay in our Guest Book. If you have a moment please record your thoughts during your stay.

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Google Review

We really appreciate you taking a moment to write a review for our Beach Delight on our Google Page. Online reviews attract new guests. You can write your review online before you leave or once you get home.

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Trash and Recycling

  • Besides moving trash out of the house on check-out day, we do ask for your cooperation in moving any current trash in the home to the outside trash and recycle cans the eves before collection morning. Recycling goes outside Tuesday nights. Trash goes outside Wednesday nights.
  • You’ll find replacement trash can liners under the kitchen sink.
  • All recycle materials should be emptied, washed and flattened (when possible) before putting in the outside container. A list of allowable recyclable materials is in the Welcome Book at the house. (Includes hard or flexible plastics, paper, egg cartons, box board, metals and glass. Does NOT include plastic bags or food scraps.)
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Plan Ahead Checklist

Check out our Local info from our Web site to get ideas of things you’ll want to see and do. You may want to call ahead for reservations or learn if there is something you should bring from home.

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What to Bring?

  • Camera (or Smart Phone with camera capability). You’ll be taking lots of sunset and wildlife photos.
  • If you use a Keurig at home, you probably have K-cups at home. Bring some to use during your stay. It might be easier to pack a few rather than buy a container locally with more than you need. We also have a regular coffee brewer and we provide the coffee filters. We do provide sugar, but you may want to pack sweeteners rather than buy more than you need locally. (I can’t guarantee that any sugar-free substitutes will be left by previous guests.)
  • If you’re bringing a portable electronic device, don’t forget to bring the charging cord with you.  And don’t forget to take it home with you when you leave!
  • Sunscreen – Or pick up some locally. We wear sunscreen daily! Maybe even bring a wide brimmed hat! You’ll be stylish and comfortable.
  • Something warm to wear – Jacket, wind breaker, slacks or jeans. 70 degrees on the beach can feel cold. In winter, overnight temps could dip into the 40’s. Better to be ready than to be cold!
  • Your passwords to your favorite streaming channels. We have ROKU’s attached to both TV’s. You can access our local cable subscription for a wide variety of TV channels. But you’ll want to sign in to your own streaming channels like Netflix, Apple TV, HBO Max and others.
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What’s Provided?

  • Linens, pillows and blankets for the king-size bed.
  • Four bath towels, minimally. At least two each hand towels and washcloths. A dark washcloth for make-up removal.
  • Four beach towels, minimally, and a “beach blanket”. Located on bookshelf by sliding patio door.
  • Two beach chairs and a beach umbrella.
  • Sufficient paper products for your stay. This includes paper towels, tissues, toilet paper, and napkins.
  • Dishwasher tablets, dish soap, dish towels, kitchen trash bags and a fresh kitchen sponge.
  • A variety of spices as well as salt and pepper.
  • Liquid hand soap, bar soap, and shampoo.
  • Cleaning products and spray air fresheners.
  • Vinegar, vegetable oil and cooking spray.
  • Some sugar (enough for your morning coffee.)
  • There is a Keurig machine. You will need to supply your own K-cups.
  • Coffee pot brewer with paper coffee filters. We do have a coffee bean grinder too.
  • There are a couple of LED night lights in the house.
  • There is a washer and dryer. Laundry detergent and stain spray are provided, but we do not stock bleach, fabric softeners or dryer sheets. However, if previous guests leave their supplies, they will remain for future guests to use.
  • Propane for the gas grill. If you run out of fuel, please let Susan or Andy know. We prefer that you close the tank valve when not using the grill. Please remember that the lid should be open when you start the burners. Please ensure that the grill is away from the house, sitting on the patio tiles when using.
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  • The Wi-Fi password is listed in the Welcome Book at the house.
  • The multiple remotes that control the ROKU/TV/Blu-Ray are documented in the Welcome Book.
  • You are welcome to sign on to your own Netflix or Amazon or whatever else our ROKU/Smart TV/Blu-Ray player will allow. There is hard-wire Ethernet to the devices ensuring good Internet service.
  • The indoor ceiling fans do have a wall switch to control ON/OFF only. You can use the fan remotes found in the mounted holsters. Please return the remotes to the appropriate holsters so we don’t lose them.
  • The dark table lamp in the living room nearest the sliders is plugged into a device that automatically powers the lamp between evening and morning. If you to manually control, then please move the plug to another outlet.

Understanding ROKU TV Remote

Using ROKU To Watch Channels Including Local Cable

The video states that we only get local channels. Not anymore! There’s a whole slew of channels to choose from using the Xfinity app. Just move to Favorites to see all the channels we have access to.

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Heat & A/C

The thermostat is located across from the bath door. Please set to HEAT or COOL as appropriate. Be sure that all windows and exterior doors are shut when either system is on. Please be sure to not set the temperature lower than 68 degrees (for A/C) or higher than 72 degrees (for Heat).

Use the ceiling fans to improve the temperature. When you have A/C on, the fans should be blowing downward. Use the remotes to set the fan speed and direction.

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  • You’ll add your detergent into the tub of the top-loading machine. Bleach and softener dispensers are on the top of the washer just under the lid. (We don’t supply bleach or fabric softener.)
  • After use, please leave the washer door open so that it can air dry.
  • I do leave a bottle of Spray ‘N Wash or some other pre-treatment in the laundry. I would appreciate it if you could spray any known stains on my sheets and towels as you leave the items in this area on check-out day.
  • Please clean the dryer lint filter after every use. There is a small trash can on the shelf over the dryer to place the lint for your convenience.
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Food Disposal

There is a garbage disposal in the smaller kitchen sink. The switch is labeled. Please be sure that nothing but food scraps go down the disposal. Always run full force cold water into the disposal when the disposal is running and for a little after you turn off the switch. Food scraps should be smaller and easily shredded by the disposal. Please avoid putting the following down the drain:

  • Fibrous material like onion skins, corn husks, celery stalks, artichokes, banana peels and masses of leaf lettuce. They tangle and jam the garbage disposal motor and block drains.
  • No oils or grease. Dispose in trash instead. Glass jars under the sink can be used to collect used oil for easy disposal.
  • No large amounts of food. Feed the disposal smaller amounts to avoid jamming.
  • Avoid expandable foods like pasta and rice. (A little is fine, but more may end up clogging the pipes as they expand.)
  • Minimize potato peels. They are starchy and may cause the blades to stick.
  • No coffee grounds. They tend to clog drains.
  • No non-foods – no paper, plastic, produce stickers, metal, anything combustible.

Certain items are good for keeping the disposal in good working order like egg shells and small fruit pits.

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Window Shades

The cellular window shades can be opened from bottom up or from top down. If you plan to have the shades fully open, please push them to the top of the window where there’s less chance of inadvertent damage. Except for the one casement window on the roadside wall of the master bedroom, all the windows are single-hung — meaning just the bottom sash opens. If you want the window open to get the sea breeze, you’ll want to open the shade from the bottom up.

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If you uncover any issues with the house, we really would appreciate it if you would bring it to our attention immediately. If it’s not urgent requiring us to address immediately, at least that will give us time to get the right materials or schedule with a repair person.

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Swimming Pool

No Diving in pool area.
No Running in pool area.
No Food in pool area.
No Glass in pool area.
No Visitors in pool area
No sand in pool area. Outside shower under deck to rinse off.
Please only use the pool and pool area when fully sober.
Daylight use only.

Operating the Pool Gate

Please be sure to leave the pool gate locked overnight to prevent unwanted access. Here’s a video instructing you how to use the small key on your key ring to unlock the gate for the day and then lock again at the end of your day on the beach.

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To and From The Beach

Use the side door underneath your unit to enter the fenced pool surround. About mid-pool on the seaside is the gate to exit onto the beach and return to Beach Delight. This gate can be unlocked during daylight hours but needs to be locked overnight to ensure no trespassers access the pool area. You will need to use the small key attached to one of the key rings to lock and unlock the pool gate.

Beach Access from Beach Delight
Beach Access from Beach Delight

You’ll find beach chairs, umbrellas and a beach cart in the garage area.

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Weekly Schedule

Tuesday late morning – Pool Cleaner comes by. We choose to use the pool after 1pm on cleaning day.
Tuesday Eve – Clean recycling should be brought down to the big recycle can near the bottom of the stairs. Please don’t put the trash can liner in with the recycling.
Wednesday Eve – Please bring your trash down to the trash can near the bottom of the stairs.

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