La Ola Restaurant in Times Square. An outdoor eatery in Fort Myers Beach, Florida.

Times Square is the hub for dining and free entertainment in Fort Myers Beach, Florida. All of the restaurants in the pedestrian plaza offer outdoor dining and most also offer live musical entertainment. La Ola Surfside Restaurant is one of the first outdoor eateries that greets you when you enter Times Square from Estero Boulevard.

La Ola Restaurant - outdoor eatery
La Ola Restaurant – outdoor eatery

The Menu

We often don’t make it out during breakfast hours, but we do like to keep tabs on the restaurants that do offer breakfast. La Ola Surfside offers a variety of breakfast options from the Mexican flair Breakfast Tacos to the American traditional Country Skillet to the Millennial favorite Avocado Toast.

Lunch and dinner menu options include your Mexican favorites as well as seafood delights that you would expect at a restaurant near the sea.

La Ola Surfside Restaurant - Chicken Nachos

Shredded Chicken Nachos. This half-order is more than enough for two people! We realized that this is all we really needed to order because it’s so large.

La Ola Surfside Restaurant Salad with Chicken

Unless you’re a fan of processed chicken, I wouldn’t bother adding it to the House Salad. Andy’s side salad was only slightly smaller and yet my dinner salad was almost twice as much, plus the cost of adding chicken.

The Atmosphere

La Ola Surfside Restaurant - outdoor eatery

The sun can get hot on your skin in Fort Myers Beach. The large umbrellas over the seating area at La Ola Surfside Restaurant do a pretty good job protecting you.

The outdoor patio isn’t level so beware if you’re sitting on the low side of the table. Every seat is within listening distance to the musician playing for your enjoyment.

La Ola Surfside Restaurant - Parrot man

And, of course, being in pedestrian-friendly Times Square, you’re going to see unexpected things as well. We got a glimpse of Parrot Man as he walked through the area during our visit.

More about La Ola Surfside Restaurant

Address: 1035 Estero Blvd #3, Fort Myers Beach, FL 33931

Phone: (239) 765-2222


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