The easiest time to find sea shells on the sea shore is at low tide. Through the new expanse of exposed beach, you’ll find the wide variety of shells normally under the sea.

When walking from our Beach Delight vacation rental at low tide, you’ll see a very deep beach in front of you. In the morning, the bright sun makes the scene even more spectacular

You can look up and down the beach and see people scouring for the perfect shells to add to their collections.

Low Tide Finds

On this particular expedition, I came across a sand dollar partially covered in the sand.

Sand Dollar at Low Tide
Sand Dollar at Low Tide

Life on the Beach

Tall Heron at Low Tide
Tall Heron at Low Tide

Tide Schedule?

I recently learned about and recommend an iPhone App called Tide Alert (NOAA) which presents tide forecast data along with the moon phase calendar. I just added the local beaches to my “favorites” and can easily view the tide schedule in Fort Myers Beach.

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