Informed Delivery Mail

US Postal Service Informed Delivery

The US Postal service is offering a new service that will prove handy when you’re on vacation. The service is called Informed Delivery. If it’s available at your address, you can sign up to get daily emails that include images of mail heading to your mailbox. This service works when you place your mail on hold as well.

Using Informed Delivery While on Vacation

If you plan to be away for a week and place your mail on hold, you’re bound to find a stack of mail when you get home. You’ll walk in the door with your suitcases and quickly shuffle through the pile of mail. It will be easy to miss that important once-a-quarter bill as you’re distracted by all the hub-bub. But the pile is laid down so that you can unpack and get back to life as usual. Soon the late payment reminder notice with the additional late fee will arrive. That’s when you’ll realize you missed one envelope in your post-vacation haste. It’s most likely still in the pile that you never went through again!

Stack of mailed envelopes

When you’re signed up for Informed Delivery, you’ll get an email every day new mail arrives at your registered address. While on vacation, you’re probably checking your email anyway. If you notice that bill, you can add a reminder to yourself to check for it when you get home. It’s one less hurried task you need to address as you transition from vacation mode to everyday-life mode. It won’t matter that you’re surrounded by open suitcases, new groceries to put away and piles of laundry.

Let the Mail Pile Grow

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