Open For Business

On September 28, 2022, Hurricane Ian ripped through Fort Myers Beach with Category 4 hurricane winds and double-digit height storm surge. Our island town was under water. Every structure was impacted in some way. Many structures completely disappeared. After many months of hard work, our community is beginning to see that re-birth is possible. We’re happy to see that many businesses are re-opening now.

The Fort Myers Beach Chamber of Commerce is doing a good job of keeping track of what’s re-opening in our beach community. Click on their link below to learn about the restaurants and activities that are back in action. Keep in mind that not all are offering 100% of what they previously offered. Some restaurants are now operating out of food trucks instead of real brick and mortar buildings. But all are eager to earn your repeat business.

Non-Chamber Member Businesses are Open Too

There are other businesses open that aren’t on the Chamber list because they aren’t Chamber members.

Mom’s Food Truck on Estero Blvd between Mango and Chapel Streets.

Yo Taco! Food Truck on Estero Blvd across from Lanai Kai.

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