Fort Myers Beach Sunset - December 3, 2017

Watching the Sunset

The sunsets on Fort Myers Beach are spectacular. Living here, we get so caught up on our day to day activities, that we may not get to enjoy the full sunset every night. But tonight, Andy and I made a point to stroll down to Fort Myers Beach Pier. It was such a nice night and we easily claimed a spot on the pier for the evening show.

After snapping so many photos, I realized that I had never taken a time-lapse photo of a Fort Myers Beach Sunset. And the perfect opportunity now presented itself. Using the wide railing for my support, I set my cell phone camera to time-lapse photography and held it in place for what seemed like forever.

Here’s the 22 second video result. Notice the girls playing in the The Gulf and other photographers moving into the water to get their photos. Everyone enjoys the eves on The Gulf of Mexico.

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