Lagerhead Cycleboat Tours in Fort Myers Beach, Florida

Pedal Power on a Boat

I just came across Lagerhead Cycleboat Tours. You pay to pedal a catamaran. Sounds a little off. But also sounds like a lot of fun!

They offer Sunset, Dolphin, Booze and Private Party tours. Up to 15 passengers where 10 can pedal. BYOB and connect your music to their Bluetooth speakers. They have charging stations so your cell phone can keep the tunes playing for the entire 2-hour tour.

The tours promise stops for libation and spectacular views. If everyone gives up, the captain can have the power motor take over. Exercising while floating and enjoying cold, tasty beverages with other fun-minded travelers sounds like a good time to me!

It’s only about 2 miles from Beach Delight vacation rental. That’s close enough that you can make it a full day of cycling. Ride your rental bikes over to San Carlos Island to catch the cruise and then back again. Island Cycles Bike Shop is just a 60 second walk away from Beach Delight.

Lagerhead Cycleboat Tours
Lagerhead Cycleboat Tours in Fort Myers Beach, Florida

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